Language Schools in Torremolinos

Centro Idea Aladino

language school aladino

The Centro Idea Aladino school resembles a ship-shaped building constructed in 1953. It soon became an emblematic symbol for the Costa del Sol. Spacious study areas, a cafeteria, a library, Internet and wide terraces are available for all students.
The Centro Idea Aladino school is divided into two departments:

  • The Language Department (Spanish, English, French and German)
  • Technology Department(Computer Literacy, Graphic Design and Digital Audio).

The language school offers a proficient and complete study of the language. Students will learn the chosen language, the culture and way of living with activities such as excursions to places of artistic and social interest.
The Centro welcomes students of all ages; providing access to handicapped people, paying a special attention to each individual needs and encourage every student in his/her apprenticeship. The Language Department prepares students thoroughly for the official exams.
Accommodation for foreign students is organized in hotels, apartments and families very near the school. Students can also be welcomed on arrival by a school ‘s representative and taken to his/her chosen accommodation place. Avd. Carlota Alessandri nr.51, Tel: 952.37.82.41

Don Quijote school

In this school you can learn Spanish on your own schedule. You’ll conquer basic Spanish grammar and vocabulary from the comfort of your keyboard with our online Spanish learning tools. If you subscribe free to this school, you’ll get access to online resources like email Spanish lessons, exercises, learning games, a verb conjugator and many more online Spanish Language tools.